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About Zoultier

More than 30 years that my parents have been doing the gemstones business in local market. My family specialize in Ruby from Myanmar which is the source the most beautiful color ruby. More over, my family also specialize in Sapphire from Sri Lanka,but the name in market trading is "Ceylon".

About me,a keen interest in gemstones business began after I graduated from the faculty of Economics which did not relate the Gemology. But that is not problem for me because I can study everythings from my parents. And now the globalization can help me a lot, I think like that. And I still got the idea to expand my family's business to international by e-Commerce at first step by eBay, the biggest marketplace in this time. And now I still selling some goods in eBay. So you can check at my store there. You can check my feedback for let you more confidence about me.

Zoultier is built on a unique idea, that everybody can own high quality gemstones. Thailand is the place which can supply several kinds of gemstone immensely. But many people can not occupy them. If we can have the great gemstone, that means you also. Because we beleive that the gemstone which is appropiated to make the jewelry,it should glisten completely.

Your personal information will be highly secured.And also your satisfaction is our priority duty.

Finaly,I have to say "THANK YOU" for everyone who come to my store

If you want to talk, ask and share the information,you can contact me 2 ways easily via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and live talk by skype.

Best Sincerely,

Sittipan Prompongsatorn, Q

Zoultier's system architect & developer