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Gem in shape

Shape of Gemstone

The facet gemstone have several shapes. Some is normal but some shapes can not be found in normal gem market because some shape is cut from the imagine of cutter. It is mean that is the unique shape. But the gemstone and diamond shapes chart below is the standard shapes that offer in gem market around the world.

Gemstone and diamonds shapes

Emerald cut

Emerald cut is a rectangular or square step cut with diagonal corners. It has approximately 50 facets.

Oval cut

Oval cut is a modified brilliant cut with an obround shaped girdle outline. The oval cut has an elliptical shape when viewed from the top. It has approximately 69 facets.

Radiant cut

Radiant cut is a rectangular cut, combining the shape of an emerald cut and sparkle of a brilliant. It has approximately 70 facets.

Pear or Teardrop cut

Pear or Teardrop cut is asymmetrical cut with one pointed and one rounded end. A hybrid cut, combining the best of the oval and the marquise, it is shaped like a sparkling teardrop. It has approximately 71 facets.

Cushion cut

Cushion cut is looks like a cross between a deep cut with large facets that was common in the late 19th and the early 20th centuries and a modern

Marquise cut

Marquise cut is a symmetrical boat shaped brilliant cut gem with pointed ends. It has approximately 57 facets.

Old miner cut

Old miner cut is also more of a square or cushion cut, rather than being round. In fact, today's cushion cut is an improved old mine cut.

Trillion cut

Trillion cut is a triangular shape. It has approximately 44 facets.

Heart cut

Heart cut is a pear shape with a cleft at the top. It has approximately 59 facets.

Asscher cut

Asscher cut is a square cut characterized by a smaller table and larger step facet than an emerald cut.

Flanders cut

Flanders cut is an octagon, but when viewed from above it looks like a square. In reality it has four short sides and four long sides. This cut also includes 61 facets

Princess cut

Princess cut is technically known as “Square Modified Brilliant” and is a square version of the round brilliant cut with numerous sparkling facets. It has approximately 76 facets.

Round cut

Round cut is the name implies, it is round on top. It has approximately 57 facts.

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