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The name Chrysoberyl is derived from the Greek words “Beryl”, meaning green and “Chryso”, meaning golden. The two words combined mean “gold colored beryl”. In spite what the name implies, Chrysoberyl is not actually a Beryl at all.

Chrysoberyl was used for protection against the evil eye and black magic.

First mentioned by Pliny the Elder, this stone has been used through the centuries for adornment and decoration.

Most appealing when cut as a cabachon, Chrysoberyl is a symbol of tolerance, goodness, pride and harmony. Often given to lovers to increase the positive effects on their relationship.

German geologist A. G. Werner declared this stone a mineral in its own right in 1800.

Chrysoberyl was very popular in Victorian and Edwardian times, when it was often inaccurately referred to as Chrysolite.

About cat's eye effect, devired to chatoyancy, Cymophane is derived from two Greek words meaning wave and to appear, referring to its chatoyant effect.

Translucent multi-colored stones that look like cat's eyes, they are often confused with quartz tiger's eye. It is most often referred to by the French as "oeil de chat".

Both Alexandrite and Cat's Eye have their own unique history and metaphysical properties. Please refer to their respective educational content for further information. And all of the varieties of Chrysoberyl are used as gemstones.

Astrological : Leo

The astrological sign of cymophane (cat's-eye Chrysoberyl) is Gemini.


Chrysoberyl is said to assist one in striving for excellence, and to bring peace of mind and increased self-confidence by helping one to more fully understand the fact that one already has all that one needs to succeed within oneself.

Chrysoberyl is an effective protective stone and, since ancient times, has been used to keep disaster at bay.

Chrysoberyl transforms negative thoughts into positive energy.  It increases self confidence and strengthens self worth.

Chrysoberyl crystals are famous for increasing personal power and deepening spirituality. They help to increase generosity and charitable behavior. This stone promotes forgiveness and offers peace of mind to those who where it.

Chrysoberyl brings the qualities of discipline and self control.  It promotes concentration and the ability to learn, enabling the wearer to think clearly and far-sightedly.

Chrysoberyl aligns the solar plexus and crown chakras.  It opens the crown chakra and increases both spiritual and personal power. Chrysoberyl is associated with wealth and is excellent for creativity.  It also promotes tolerance and harmony.

For acquiring more prosperity, confidence, self-pride and very helpful as a healing tool due to their colors. Amplifies other Chrysoberyls energies. Some are irradiated to turn green. Trust your feeling with each stone.

Cymophane is said to help balance one's emotions, and to make one feel at ease with oneself as well as with others. It is also said to stimulate one's problem solving capabilities by providing a more in depth understanding of the details involved.

Cymophane is said to provide relief from feminine discomforts and intestinal maladies.


Chrysoberyl helps to highlight the cause of dis-ease.  It supports self-healing. Chrysoberyl balances adrenaline and cholesterol, and fortifies the chest and liver.

Chrysoberyl is considered to protect the visual center of the brain and helps with eyesight. The eye shaped crystal has an amazing effect on the nervous system and should be worn often. Used to drive away nightmares when placed by the bedside.

Cymophane is said to provide relief from feminine discomforts and intestinal maladies.