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Historical Information

Hackmanite is named for Finnish geologist, Victor Hackman (1866-1941). Sodalite is named after its chemical composition containing Sodium (Na).

Hackmanite is an important variety of Sodalite and is a member of the Sodalite group that also includes Hauyne, Tugtupite and Lazurite. Sodalite is also a member of the Feldspathoid group of minerals that includes Cancrinite, Lazurite, Leucite, and Nepheline. Hackmanite exhibits Tenebrescence. This means it may turn shades of pink, violet or purple when exposed to sunlight or shortwave (SW) UV light and when removed from the light it gradually fades back to white or pale yellow. This process is accelerated by the use of shortwave UV light and the cycle is repeatable.

There are many sources of Sodalite, but very few for gem quality crystals of Hackmanite. Some of these are Koksha Valley, Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan;  Poudrette quarry, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Rouville County, Quebec, Canada;  Svintsovyi Ruchei (Lead Creek), Kukisvumchorr Mt, Khibiny Massif, Kola Peninsula, Murmanskaja Oblast', Northern Region, Russia

The first specimen of Hackmanite was found in Greenland, Illinois, Quebec, Canada, Arkansas, Brazil, Russia, Ontario, Canada, and New Cove. During the recent years, samples of these Hackmanite stones have been discovered from the Mogok area of Burma and Badakhshan located in Afghanistan.

The pink shade of Hackmanite may be restoring in two diverse ways. One is by leaving the sample in the dim for a few hours to numerous weeks, or, disclosure to short-or long flourish ultraviolet will also renovate color. Short wave, violet is the most proficient for this function.

Hackmanite is the astrological sign for Sagittarius.

Metaphysical Properties

Hackmanite has an extremely fine vibration while remaining connected to the Earth. It is a wonderful crystal to use when wanting to attain a deep, spiritual meditative state. It facilitates feelings of joy, freedom and happiness. Hackmanitee helps to embrace the self, enhancing self esteem and feelings of self worth.

Use Hackmanite when working with issues of trust, be it self trust or trust of others. Hackmanite is a strong support crystal. Its lesson is to stay true to self, to stand up for what you believe without fear of judgment, guilt or criticism. Hackmanite encourages full and complete expression.

Mentally, Hackmanite can help release the bonds of rigid mindsets of the past and in its place create an opening/infusion of the mind, allowing an infinite number of new and exciting possibilities to fill the space. Hackmanite can work in any area to clean and clear electromagnetic pollution/smog. Hackmanite is wonderful healing tool.

Hackmanite motivates positive reception for the history, and for its existence. It releases the centre of “Hearts Energy” to an occurrence of energy, especially for those individuals who already have compassion for their past life, and use towards a more progressive future. This gemstone supports an individual to get their own religious path within.

Hackmanite increases the feelings of happiness, free will and contentment. Hackmanite improves self-esteem and confidence. Use Hackmanite when functioning when there is an issue in faith. In fact, it is a well-built support crystal. Its message is to keep on being true to yourself, to stand up for what you consider without judgment, remorse or denigration. Hackmanite enhances complete and full expression.

Hackmanite can be also useful to the individual who has suffering from harassment or other apprehension and other forms of fear. It can also assist someone by helping to stimulate audacity and power that has been unseen deep within. This also is a particularly a good stone for the human who feel they have lost self-esteem, it takes the wisdom of being a part of all.

Healing Properties

Physically, Hackmanite can help aid imbalance, support metabolism, strengthen the immune system and ease insomnia.