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Barite (Baryte)

Historical Information

Barite, Baryte, is named from the Greek word “baryos” meaning “heavy” or “weight” due to it’s unusually high specific gravity for a non-metallic mineral.

It is powdered to produce heavy drilling muds, which are used in oil wells to help prevent blowouts. It is also used in hospitals in concrete and brick form, to shield radioactive sources, and to give "barium meals" to patients before x-rays. Barite is also used to refine sugar, as a base for white paint, and as a pigment and filler for paper.

In the 1600's, phosphorescent specimens of Barite were found in Bologna, Italy, and were given the name Bologna Stone.

Barite mineral group that also is included by Anglesite and Celestine. Barite crystals are usually found as opaque masses or opaque bladed crystals. Transparent crystal specimens can be found in some locations. One example is the blue crystals found at Stoneham, Weld County, Colorado, USA.

Some notable sources of Barite are Thunder Bay District, Ontario, Canada (colorless); Rock Candy Mine, British Columbia, Canada (yellow); Cumberland, England; and in the USA from Meade County, South Dakota (brown); the Book Cliffs, near Grand Junction, Colorado (colorless) and Stoneham, Weld County, Colorado (blue). There are many other locations for Barite.

Barite is the astrological sign for Aries.

Metaphysical Properties

The Blue variety of Barite is used to stimulate conversation as well as to give the courage needed to speak in front of large crowds. This sky-blue colored cluster of crystals, made of orthorhombic structure, is often seen as Celestine also called Celestite.

Barite stimulates ones incentive to go for their dreams and goals without restraint, enhances relationship connections in friendship and love. Barite can helps one to release trapped emotions and feelings, enhances self-assurance, helps to provide a strong, yet delicate connection to the spiritual world.

Barite is soothing and calming to the nervous system, assists in the recovery from addictions.

Barite is used by the Native Americans in their ceremonial practices to lift initiates to a higher level of consciousness and during their shape shifting rituals, Fairies, Angel and Wood Sprites are drawn to it. Barite crystal has an ambient and peaceful energy, it is often used during group meditations to enhance serenity.

Barite is used to go from physical matter to the spiritual. In Dream Therapy, Barite is used to promote and stimulate the dream state, allowing one to remember their dreams.

Barite is a stone that represents strength from the heart. The stone strengthens communication with the heart, and through the heart, we are able to hear our inner voice more strongly. This allows for a better understanding of what our inner selves would like to tell us. This understanding in turn, gives us a great power.

Overall, Barite clears obstacles in order for us to achieve our life path. It helps those who are scattered or who have low vitality, chronic fatigue or exhaustion, aiding in achieving a gentle, balanced energy flow.

Healing Properties

On a physical level, Barite is used to cleanse the system of toxins, to soothe a nervous stomach and to assist in the healing of addictions.