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Historical Information

Pectolite gets it’s name from the Greek pektos, meaning congealed because of the translucent appearance the mineral sometime has.

Pectolite is actually a rock, being composed of more than one mineral, but is mostly composed of Pectolite. It has been given the trade name "Larimar".

Only discovered in the Dominican Republic in the mid 1970's, Pectolite has enjoyed success in the semi-precious stone market. Its translucent, sky blue color is attractive and has a loyal following of admirers. It has a turquoise look to it, although the color is distinctly more blue.

Pectolite has been used in the same manner as turquoise and is even seen in contemporary Native American jewelry. It has been quite versatile in its applications to other jewelry varieties. Pectolite offers a different color to those who like polished stone jewelry.

Pectolite is the astrological sign for Gemini and Leo.

Metaphysical Properties

Pectolite is a stone of "answers from the sea of consciousness." The blue color of the Pectolite reflects the "sea" of all consciousness, which gives freedom from self-imposed limitations and a sense of peace in finding truth. Pectolite has excellent energy for working with sea creatures of all kinds.

Pectolite is particularly good for communication with dolphins. It has some ability to enhance communication in general, with other animals, as well as people. It can be used for dimensional and cellular work, and stimulates the heart and higher chakras. Being open to answers from the sea of consciousness gives a sense of serenity, love and peace.

Pectolite is good for calming excess energies and it balances energies. It is also used in crystal healing and folklore for healing maladies of the throat and upper respiratory system, schizophrenia. In addition, Pectolite can help one maintain one's personal energy and independence in a calm, collected fashion.

Emotionally Pectolite helps in cleansing and purging all the emotional blockages in the body and removes all the emotional debris from the past. People with emotional problems like phobias, stress related diseases, panic attacks, excessive fear or anger can greatly benefit from this stone. Pectolite also helps people in not being judgmental or egoistic.

Pectolite helps people in understanding their self worth and developing self respect. This in turn leads to self nurturing as well. It helps people in expressing their emotional energy and facilitates communication.

This stone helps in relaxing the mind, body and spirit. It helps in quelling and easing the uncomfortable emotions and also helps in letting go of the unneeded attachments which just cause stress. The feminine power in this stone helps the person to realize the divine aspects of their feminine nature and also helps in becoming confident and relaxed about one’s abilities.

Pectolite also helps in dispelling excessive and unneeded passions and anger and even helps women in times of hot flashes. It helps in reining the kundalini energies especially when they become too active for comfort.

A Woman's Stone. This stone is particularly effective for women since Pectolite helps them to understand and get in touch with their divine feminine nature. It helps women to invoke the latent powers of goddess which reside deep within them to achieve the true purpose in life.

Pectolite helps in activating the throat chakra which helps in facilitating true communication and hence is beneficial for singers as well. Apart from the throat chakra it also works well for heart, third eye, crown and solar plexus chakras as well.

Healing Properties

Pectolite is quite useful in a lot of physical ailments and problems. It’s great for new mothers both during and post pregnancy. Pectolite helps in healing post partum depression and also helps in combating and easing the tensions and the stress which is generally experienced by new parents. This stone helps every one (men and women) to get in touch with their dormant feminine nature and helps them to become more receptive and intuitive.

Pectolite helps in healing high blood pressure and related problems. It also works well in curing problems which are caused due to the presence of excess fire element in the body like infection, inflammation and fever. Pectolite helps cool the heat of sunburn. People with chronic colds, excessive mucus formation, flu and sore throat can get a lot of relief from this stone.

Pectolite can also help in curing problems associated with the cartilage, hair and feet. It’s a great stone to use in the ancient techniques of acupressure and acupuncture since it can help in the opening up of the meridians and help in understanding which are the painful spots in the feet which correspond to the problems in the body and aid in complete healing.