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Historical Information

Brazilianite was recognized as a mineral species in 1945.  Its name stems from the nation of Brazil, the place of its discovery. Brazilianite is rare and has few collecting localities. The best specimens come from Brazil. Brazilianite has also been collected in the United States (New Hampshire).

Additional mines of the gem have subsequently been discovered in the United States in the states of Maine and New Hampshire.

Brazilianite is not currently used as a birthday or anniversary stone. It is, however, the stone for the astrological sign of Taurus and Capricorn.


According to metaphysical tradition, Brazilianite helps bring joy to the physical journey on Earth; provides an understanding of the physical Earth; and gives the strength, support, and encouragement necessary for personal growth and empowerment. Brazilianite is a valuable gemstone that is faceted into exquisite, costly, and brilliant gems.

Brazilianite has the capacity to not only bring love but also to enhance existing love of all varieties. Supposedly, because Brazilianite makes the love for fellow men and women stronger, it also allows its wearer to empathize with others on a soul stirring level.

Some also claim that Brazilianite helps parents to better communicate and understand their children by opening lines of communication that so often close between such disparate generations. But one thing is certain, for the stone to bring about such devotion and belief, it must have some serious power.

Brazilianite is said to have been used to "show off" ones prosperity, a cool and relaxing color, heralds in the springtime. Brazilianite is said to help in the synthesis of the third and fourth chakras; can encourage close examination of situations and relationships by helping one to attain the insight necessary for attainment of that which is desired, also assists one in releasing that which is not desired


Brazilianite is also a healing stone. It is believed can be cure some fever.