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Amblygonite was discovered Saxony by August Breithaupt in 1817 and named by him from the Greekamblus, blunt, and gouia, angle, because of the obtuse angle between the cleavages. So Amblygonite, which meant blunt in Greek.

Although, Amblygonite was originally found in United Kingdom, there are other places like Australia, Brazil, Germany, Norway, France, Spain and the United States that could bring out these precious gems. In the U.S., it is mined in California, Maine, and the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Amblygonite is the astrological sign for Taurus.


Amblygonite is called the “Prophet Stone” because many believe that it can help bring its wearer crystal clear understanding. Some psychics also believe that the stone can strengthen their unique gifts as well as help those of us who have latent skills to better develop them. For those who feel inadequate to manifest their dreams can take the help of this best gemstone to bring a clear understanding as well as remove all barriers to one’s thinking process.

Wearing Amblygonite or even meditating with it can help one find inner peace and encourage your mind to do creative work. Amblygonite is known to bring out the creative part in every individual and attain the path of enlightenment for one's higher purpose. Hence, the stone today has been worn by a lot of people not just because of it beauty, but also for its healing purposes.

Amblygonite helps those who need to develop a sense of self worth. It can assist in the development of the critical feels of empathy and thoughtfulness. It is also believed to boost self-confidence.


Amblygonite is also a healing stone. It is believed to be helpful in handling anxiety and stress. Amblygonite is highly recommended for those who are inordinately nervous or over sensitive. It is believed to have balancing power. It calms and soothes the nerves and takes the raw edges off those feelings that would damage and hurt.