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Selenite is an alternate name for the mineral Gypsum. The word Selenite comes from the Greek “Selenites”, meaning “moon stone” or “moon rock”, with the root word “Selene” meaning “Moon”, and for good reason - the mineral Selenite is the near transparent and colourless crystal form of Gypsum that exudes a pearly lustre which glows and can very much resemble the moon.

Selene is also the name of the Greek Goddess of the Moon.

Said to be the "Stone of Mental Clarity," Selenite is thought to be a bringer of light.

Associated with the Greek Goddess Selene, Selenite contains feminine energy and is often used to connect and commune with the Divine, especially goddess energy.  Some use Selenite for angelic or spirit guide connection, or aid in interacting with the Ancients.

Selenite crystals, or polished wands of Selenite, are often used as magic wands or as aids to help facilitate transporting one's intentions to the Higher Self and/or the Universe.

Often referred to as "scanners," Selenite is said to have the ability to scan the body for disease or malfunction, pinpointing what areas may need attention.

Selenite stone itself is also thought to have the ability to clear etheric blockages so one can gain knowledge on how to move forward toward a cure.

Selenite is thought to have been a healing tool in Atlantis. Selenite can be used for scrying into both the past, present and future.

Past life regressions are assisted with the use of these crystals. Selenites are also said to be good for dream recall.

Over 97 million years ago water began seeping through ancient limestone formations dissolving the sulfide ores within producing a sulfuric acid. The water also absorbed large amounts of calcium and as this reacted with oxygen and hydrogen, Selenite "swords" or "wands" began growing.

One of the most beautiful Selenite formations in the world is the Cave of Swords in Chihuahua Mexico.

Astrological : Cancer


Selenite is considered to be a 'mental body stone' which also opens, aligns and clears the aura bodies.

Selenite is able to transmit light, energy, and information; this maybe why many like to use it for channeling.

Selenite can be used as a scanning device for those of us who are not visually orientated to get an overall view of a person's light system to see the thought forms in their energy body. You can direct the energy towards your client or yourself by physically pointing the Selenite towards your client and mentally aligning with its vibration to examine the thought forms that are stored within each energy body.

Selenite wands it can be a powerful tool, but intent seems to be necessary in activating it. Use the Selenite wand when no other stones seem to be working.  Selenite is a great mover of energy; however you should not try to activate the wand if you have been exposed to mind altering drugs in the past 48 hours or if you feel physically off balance (a cold, flu, etc.).  One should be very clear and balanced when using the Selenite wand.

Selenite is a stone of mental clarity, enhancing mental flexibility and strengthening decisions. It is also a sweet Angel stone, for angelic guidance. With it you can access past lives.

Selenite also promotes good business practices.

Selenite removes energy blocks from the physical and etheric bodies.

Selenite also has the ability to clear and enhance the energy of other stones that are placed on or near it.


Healers have used Selenite to see into the body & understand what is needed to heal it.

Use the calcium in Selenite to heal ailments of the spinal cord & the skeletal system. It can heal on a cellular level, even overcome some of the destructive effects of cancer and age. Selenite has also been used to help stabilize epileptic disorders.

Selenite brings flexibility on the physical plane as well as the mental. Giving strength to bones & new energy to tired inflexible muscles.

Selenite also is said in crystal healing lore to remove blockages for healing, align the spine, good for the skeleton, and decrease epilepsy and seizures.