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Though somewhat rare, Scolecite is a popular mineral among collectors. It forms in volcanic bubbles called vesicles along with other zeolites.

Scolecite's sprays of radiating crystals are, well, exotic, inspiring, awesome, magnificant, etc. They are truly hard to describe, but are something that everyone who loves minerals will enjoy.


Scolecite is a stone of connections, patterns, and peace. Scolecite has energy for helping to see patterns of information, make connections, network, and collect patterns together. Scolecite is a great team stone. Scolecite is used for group based projects to pull the team together into a more cohesive group and also in offices to engender team spirit.  With this gentle but powerful energy, these things are brought to bear: growing and improving relationships; understanding, stabilizing and improving organizations and groups; networking with people.

Scolecite seems to function as a  harmonizing force between the different energies but also appears to improve  the communication (for want of a better term) between one another.  So instead of each crystal just doing its bit, they all work together in a synergistic effort - far more powerful.

Scolecite creates a conduit for the lightforce and lifeforce around our bodies.

Scolecite assists in opening blocked channels in our bodies and cleaning or clearing out otherwise compromised ones.

The tiny needle-like crystals recieve, refine and make more potent then release the energy between one pathway and another.  So Scolecite works not only the energy pathways within your body but also those of groups - and that is perhaps why scholecite is often thought of as a group stone.

In reality Scolecite doesn't really matter what you consider the group to be - the different parts of yourself, your different bodies (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual) or different people - it works much the same.

Scolecite can also be particularly useful when used with Cuprite for chronic fatigue.

Scolecite can also assist with understanding the root of a problem or issue or challenge so that it can be worked with and overcome successfully. This energy can help take control of life so that what you want can be manifested.

The peace energies of Scolecite are far-reaching and can help one learn gentleness, inner peace, living from the heart with peace and lack of fear. Emotionally, Scolecite has been used to decrease violence in thought, emotion, and behavior.


Scolecite has been used in crystal healing for circulation, bruises, and mental imbalances.

Scolecite is associated with the third eye and crown chakra, Scolecite is a helpful mineral that brings peace and calm when someone is having a distressful time.

Scolecite is also said to help support proper serotonin levels in the brain.

Scolecite has been used in crystal healing for circulation, blood clotting, clogged arteries, bruises, mental imbalances, eyes, lungs, intesting, misaligned spine, and removing parasites.