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Sardonyx is the most valuable gemstone of the chalcedony family.

Sardonyx is a kind of chalcedony that is found in rocky cavities or veins, hence its latin meaning "veined gem". The name of the gem was probably acquired because of the fusionn of certain qualities of sard with onyx. Sardonyx is often layered in black, white, red, orange and/or brown bands of cryptocrystalline quartz.

This trigonal crystal has a long standing presence in history. In ancient Egypt Sardonyx was the "every man's stone", accessible to most people, it was a stone the common man fell in love with, since royalty had there lapis, garnet and rubies.

Information about Sardonyx can be found in the Book of Revelation. In the Book of Exodus, there is a description of the twelve sacred gems used in the breastplate of Aaron.

Sardonyx is one of the twelve foundation stones used in the wall of the new Jerusalem.

In ancient times, Egyptians used these Sardonyxs as talismans and many Roman soldiers wore Sardonyx gems engraved with heroes and the god of war such as Mars or Hercules Ares to render them fearless and brave in battles.

According to gem lore, orange Sardonyx stimulates, black Sardonyx absorbs negative energies and green Sardonyx can purify.

Sardonyx is also used or worn by public speakers and leaders to bring them luck and making the listeners agree or support them.

Sardonyx at one time was more precious than sapphire, silver or even gold. Sardonyx has been fashioned into cameos in Greek and Roman times, worn by Napoleon on his watch chain and given by Queen Elizabeth I of England as a ring to the earl of Essex ( Queen's lover ).

Hildagard Von Bingen used Sardonyx as a remedy against fever and to calm irrational tempers.

Sardonyx is a crystal for protection. Its protection qualities are ancient. Information about this stone can be found in the Book of Revelation, Sardonyx is used in the breastplate of Aaron and one of the twelve foundation stones used in the wall of the new Jerusalem.

Just like many other gemstones, Sardonyx also needs to be avoided from extended exposure to extremes of heat or chemicals which could damage the gems. The stone is always widely used in intaglios and cameos.

Astrological : Aries and Leo


Sardonyx promotes harmony in marriages and partnerships.  It attracts new friends, and strengthens the bond between partners of any kind.

Sardonyx does this by helping one to overcome hesitancy, and clarifying the path to honorable actions.  Sardonyx helps in the development of one’s ‘true’ character, and promotes integrity. Carry a piece of Sardonyx with you at any time when you are finding it difficult to do the ‘right thing’.

In addition, Sardonyx is a stone of home protection. This is a crystal for protection. Sardonyx is believed to protect one from crime. Grid Sardonyx in the four corners of your home, around doors and windows or any area you fear theft can occur. As a protection stone it is also recommended for explorers and those engaged in combat.

It has also been mentioned biblically, and Sardonyx is said to be one of the stones used in the Hoshen (breastplate of the high priest) in the book of Exodus.

Earth Lore carries Sardonyx as tumbled stones, and also as freestanding pieces.

Sardonyx is believed about motivation and focused thinking as it assists us in the search for a meaningful life, virtuousity, integrity and happiness. It gives strength, vigor, stamina, will power and self control.

Sardonyx is therefore a wonderful stone for boosting self esteem. Sardonyx is also one of the best stones if you are being hesitant. In Chinese medicine, Sardonyx is referred to as a gallbladder issue, manifesting as not being able to make a decision, move forward or being indecisive.

Sardonyx stops the hesitation and allows one to propel forward with clearer thinking.

A wonderful marriage stone, as Sardonyx enhances communication between partners and brings about stability and happiness within a marriage or even for business executives and partnerships.

Sardonyx helps you to utilize all your senses, as well as sensory perception. Use Sardonyx to grid your garden. Sardonyx is used to engage capricorn into having a better sense of reality and shows aries what is really essential in life.

Sardonyx is a stone of protection and strength.Sardonyx promotes virtuous conduct and integrity.  Sardonyx attracts friends and good fortune. It brings lasting happiness and stability to partnerships. Supplements willpower and strengthens character.

Sardonyx increases stamina, vigor and self-control.  It alleviates depression and overcomes hesitancy. Improves perception.

Sardonyx can be a useful stone to keep by you when you are learning new things as it is believed to aid the processing and absorption of new information.


Sardonyx has been suggested for open wounds and conditions of the blood. Can be beneficial to the cleansing organs and in strengthening to the mind.

Sardonyx is best known for its effect upon the bones and lungs.

Sardonyx is recommended for grief and depression, boosting mood, motivation and seeing the positive side of life.

Use Sardonyx to help with issues of the nervous system.

Sardonyx is very beneficial for boosting the immune system.

Sardonyx has also been used as an ancient remedy for cooling the eyes by placing two stones over both eyelids.

Sardonyx regulates fluids and cell metabolism, strengthens the immune system.

In addition to the generic healing properties of Sardonyx, specific colours have additional attributes:

Black Sardonyx absorbs negativity.

Brown Sardonyx grounds energy.

Clear Sardonyx purifies.

Red Sardonyx stimulates.

Sardonyx rough and facet stone