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Richterite, which is sometimes called soda tremolite, is closely related to tremolite.

Richterite, ferrorichterite, fluororichterite and tremolite belong to the Amphibole Group of minerals. This is a large group of double chained silicates where chains of silicates are held together by the metal ions sodium, calcium, iron, magnesium, aluminum and sometimes other metals such as manganese, titanium, potassium and lithium.

Richterite is not a common mineral, but is found world wide as a small constituent in unusual rocks.

Richterite is found in contact metamorphosed limestones, ultramafic igneous extrusives, metasomatic deposits and alkaline igneous rocks.

Richterites type locality of Langban Mine and Pajsberg, Varmland, Sweden and Kipawa, Quebec, Canada are richterite's only consistent sources of good crystals.


Richterite is a stone of calmness, relaxation and strength. It is said to help lessen the "fight or flight" syndrome associated with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and other anxiety states.

Richterite is said to help one balance action and reaction, and handle life in a calm, steady, and strong manner. When one is already in a relaxed state such as meditation, richterite can profoundly deepen the relaxation, allowing the body freedom to heal more fully, grow stronger, and for the mind to expand into higher states of awareness.

As a throat chakra stone, Richterite is involved with communication, but rather than external communication it is primarily involved with communication within the entity or person.


Blue Richterite works to stimulate the glands and assist them in working cleaner and better.

Richterite is excellent stone for stimulating the T-cells for healing (Thymus). Stimulates the hormone function in the body in a slow, balanced, healing way; which controls mood, energy, etc.

Richterite energy also works in the lymph glands to drain toxins. Likes to clear out mucus in the lungs. Blue Richterite is the crystal for ridding the body of parasites as well. It cools a fever and clears the eyes.And that is just the physical body. So you can see why Richterite crystal is so important. It is also rare.

Richterite works in the finer bodies to create balance and calm in the mental body, as well as a strong inner strength emotionally.

You will find Richterite with Sugilite (an important stone for healing) as well as Bustamite (a stone for removing blockages in all the bodies). They all three work together to create a tremendously powerful healing environment for the whole being.

Richterite aids in circulation problems, glandular problems, particularly thyroid problems, respiratory problems, parasites, fevers of various kinds, and typhoid.