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Rhodochrosite (Rhodocrosite) is an elegant pink stone that often has bands of white. It is called the "stone of love and balance" as it balances and enhances love on all levels.

Rhodochrosite allows fuller love to enter one's life, in part by calming excessive passions.

Rhodochrosite energizes and cleanses the base, sacral and heart chakras, as well as balancing the mental and emotional processes.

Traditionally rhodochrosite has been considered good for the digestion, the heart, the kidneys, the pulse rate, and the thyroid.

Rhodochrosite is formed from a greek word, which means red colour or coloured like a rose. That is it why it is also called “ Rose Gemstone”. In Greek Rhodon means Rose and Chroma means Colour.

It is red in colour cause of the presence of magnesium. Inc people believe that the colour of Rhodochrosite comes from the blood of their former Kings and Queens.

Because remnants of this stone were also discovered during the time of the Incas, it is sometimes called "Inca Rose".

Electromagnetic, Rhodochrosite is a fairly recent discovery in the mineral kingdom it was discovered in Argentina just before World War II.

Also Rhodochrosite is found in rare shades of orange and pink. Has stripes of various width in shades of white.

Today, rhodochrosite is used as an industrial mineral in the production of alloy steel and for floor and wall tiles.

Astrological : Leo and Scorpio


Rhodochrosite is the ultimate stone in helping your soul reach it's highest level. Rhodochrosite will assist in the attainment of the solution to the puzzling concept relating to the contradiction of the duality of nature and the soul.

Rhodochrosite is the"Stone of Love and Balance". Also for loneliness, loss, heartache, fear, insecurities, inner-child issues, abuse and incest.

Rhodochrosite promotes smooth energy flow, emotional expressiveness, kindness, tolerance, compassion, healing, comfort, harmony, friendship and self-love.

Rhodochrosite helps us live our spiritual beliefs, it facilitates the balancing of the emotional process such that the attunement to the higher self may be attained, and one's awareness and spirituality can be enhanced.

Rhodochrosite further will assist in the acceleration of the expansion of the consciousness to both understand and initiate the practice of intensive relaxation, acceptance and balancing.

Rhodochrosite removes tendencies toward avoidance or denial, and helps one to be more willing to accept and integrate new information while maintaining a clarity of intellect of the information already attained.

Rhodochrosite helps you alleviate irrational fears and paranoia. Will enhance the dream state.


Rhodochrosite crystal is recommended for the Solar plexus, stomach (anxiety and emotional issues), food addictions, anorexia, asthma, eyesight (especially emotional not-seeing, to avoid pain) and thymus.

Specifically rhodochrosite is used to detox/heal blood, liver, cancer. Works in the bathtub to de-stress the body.

A very beneficial of Rhodochrosite for those with asthma or other respiratory illnesses.

Rhodochrosite helps you filter out the irritants that trigger respiratory difficulty. Also purifies the circulatory system and the cleansing organs, especially the kidneys.

Rhodochrosite regulates and stabilises the heart beat, balances blood pressure and stimulates circulation and reproductive organs.

Rhodochrosite alleviates migraines, skin disorders, thyroid imbalances, and intestinal problems.  Rhodochrosite purifies the circulatory system and restores poor eyesight.

Rhodochrosite is suggested to be used in conjunction with Malachite or Copper. Rhodochrosite is used for clearing and balancing.

Rhodochrosite rough and facet stone