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Moldavite was formed 15 million years ago during the impact of a giant meteorite in present-day Nordlinger Ries.

This greenish to brown-green variety of tektite was created with the heat of impact. Moldavite is believed that the meteorite melted with the earth's surface creating a combination of extraterrestrial matter with that of mother earth.

Some splattering of Moldavite was believed to melt by the impact with earth's atmospheric surface temperature and cooled while they were actually airborne. This rare stone is found in the Czech Republic, Germany, Moldova and Bohemia.

The total amount of Moldavite scattered around the world is estimated at 275 tons. There are now only four moldavite mines that are in full operation in the Czech Republic. It is predicted that in less than ten years from now commercial moldavite mining will come to an end. After this time, there will be virtually no appreciable amount of gem-grade moldavite left in the ground.

Moldavite is an olive-green or dull greenish vitreous substance possibly formed by a meteorite impact. It is one kind of tektite. It was named by A. Dufrnoy for the town of Moldauthein in Bohemia (the Czech Republic), where it occurs. It is sometimes cut and polished as an ornamental stone under the name of pseudo-chrysolite.

Moldavite has been associated with the legendary tone of the Holy Grail, and 'emerald' said to have fallen from the sky, as well as a talisman for the healing of the Earth.  Legend tells us that exposure to Moldavite stone was said to set the beholder upon the spiritual road to self discovery and personal enlightenment.  The same could be told of the mysterious green gemstone moldavite.


Moldavite is a great stone for "bringing great change in short periods of time". This stone is used for accessing the higher self working as a catalyst for the inner evolving spirit. It is used to align yourself with the power of the divine. Its divining spiritual nature is believed to come from it extraterrestrial roots.

There are many stories of how others lives have been effected with the entrance of moldavite into one's life.  Stories of jobs, relationships, life styles and possession which did not serve their highest path were rapidly released, and the newer evolutionary forms of the same objects appeared in their lives, as if my magic.

Consider Moldavite when you want to bring mental balance, introduce yourself to new experiences and opening your mind. First use this stone over the Heart Chakra, as moldavite will facilitate the pure intentions of the heart and heart center. Bring the stone up to the Brow or Third Eye Chakra when accessing your intuition, psychic insight and stimulation of the pineal gland as it powerfully expands psychic channeling. Finally, use moldavite on the Crown Chakra for facilitating altered mind states such as deepening meditation, accessing dreams and assisting in hypnosis. This stone is useful for those who are clairsentience.

Humans have prized Moldavite since the Stone Age when it was valued as a talisman for good fortune and fertility. Moldavite is said to enhance psychic abilities and wearing moldavite is said to help manifest positive life changes.

Moldavite has extremely high vibrations and a powerful energy. When holding a piece of moldavite you may sense the energy as heat, tingling or a pulsing sensation in your hand, or you may feel a rush of energy through your body towards the top of your head. Because it's energies are so strong it is recommended that you place a grounding stone, such as Tourmaline or Haematite, at your feet, when using it to meditate.


Moldavite has been used over the centuries for reducing asthma, clearing toxin sensitivity, coping with emotional intensity such as anger, grief and fear as well as helping with epilepsy. It therefore assists in bringing those who are emotionally blocked to look at feelings they may not be expressing.

Moldavite works exceptionally well with other crystals, stones and gemstones to raise the vibrational level of all healing.  It has direct assistance to promoting new cell growth, hair loss and fertility issues.

Moldavite can be worn in jewelry and are also quite useful unset, place on the body or held during meditation.