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Gold is ruled by the Sun a masculine planet, and therefore imparts a more assertive energy to crystals & minerals that are mounted in it. It is the symbolizes the purity of the spiritual aspect of “All That Is”.

Gold has been mined for at least 6000 years. Ancient sources of Gold were in the Upper Nile region of Egypt and Nubia ("Nub" being the Egyptian word for "Gold") and the lands of ancient Mesopotamia, but during the Middle Ages the main sources were the mines of Saxony and Austria. Today, half the world's Gold comes out of South Africa, with other notable sources being Australia, Russia, Canada and the U.S.. Rare small crystals of Gold have been found in California, U.S., while giant nuggets over 200 pounds have been discovered in Australia.

In the past, most Gold was recovered from river and stream gravels, called "placer deposits" where small flakes or particles of the mineral concentrated after being weathered away from its host rock. The ancients also mined veins of Gold by using tools of the day - bone picks, stone hammers, wooden trowels, and some say even a melting process where they would set the vein aflame.

Later in time came the use of special pans for panning for Gold near alluvial deposits, a process where extraneous gravels are slowly washed away through the swirling and shaking of the pan in the water, leaving the Gold flakes, scales or nuggets in the bottom of the pan since Gold is heavier than most other minerals.

Early Egyptians were enamored of Gold and the royal blue stone Lapis Lazuli and emerald green Malachite.  They constructed elaborate burial adornments with these minerals to signify wealth or to denote the nobility of the deceased.

The ancient Mayans and Aztecs prized Silver as highly as they did Gold and used it to mold images of their gods.

In legend, it is said the Druids collected mistletoe with sickles made of Gold.

In Irish myth, when King Nuada lost his arm in battle, the god of healing, Dian Cécht, made him an artificial arm of Silver so that he would be able to return to his throne.

The metal known as Gold has symbolized power and wealth since the beginning of time.  Even today, most governments endeavor to have the Gold equivalent of the paper currency in their state reserves.  Over the millennia the great monetary value attached to Gold has been reflected in jewelry, amulets, masks, figurines, facing, coating of glass and porcelain, even threads in fabrics.

Today, Gold continues to be the symbol of wealth and success to many  people. Gold jewelry is worn as if to pronounce "I am successful!"  Few folk today seem be know or understand it's ancient magical properties or the legend and lore that follows Gold.

Astrological : Leo


Gold is said to be used to bring wealth, happiness and feelings of comfort. It is a mineral of spirituality, magic, understanding, and attunement to nature.  It attracts positive energy and is a wonderful healing mineral.

Legend states that Gold is a masculine stone ruled by the sun expressing it's projective qualities on other minerals and crystals, especially topaz, rubies, orange zircon and peridot...all whose power increases when set in Gold.  It is believed that topaz in a Gold setting disperser enchantments and rubies in Gold may refresh the body by absorbing energy from the sun.

It is also told that Gold can prevent spiritual corrosion, that it adds to the realm of complete understanding and that it can clear away negativity. It has the ability to transform energy and negativity...although it is also told that Gold may bring greed to the soul, and must be tempered when used or worn.  Matched with silver, Gold's negative influence is usually moderated.

Gold emits an energy to prompt one to allow beauty to come forth from the inner being as one travels in, and through, the world of experiences.  It can help to assuage the overburden of responsibility, to ease feelings of depression and inferiority and to calm anger.

Gold has been used in the purification and balancing of the heart chakra and for the amplification of thought-forms.

Gold has been said to attract honors, wealth and happiness, to provide composure, to stabilize the emotional system, alleviate tension and stress, and to amplify positive feelings.

Gold also assists one in attuning to nature and its healing forces.  It can clear negativity from the charkas and the energy fields of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies, while transferring the vitality of a companion mineral to the affected area.

Gold produces an energy that is both cooperative and receptive, allowing for extensive use with other gem-stones; Gold is capable of attracting and maintaining those qualities, which are inherent within the additional stone.

Gold, when in the proximity of another mineral, provides a stabilizing influence to the energies of that mineral.

Pink Gold can represent spirituality and White can combine the sun and moon’s energies. In some Asian cultures, adding Gold to statues was part of rituals meant to bring the statue to life.


Gold has been called “the master healer”.  It is an excellent mineral for the purification of the physical body.  It emits an energy to prompt one to allow beauty to come forth from the inner being as one travels in, and through, the world of experiences.

Traditional folklore and crystal healing metaphysical lore tell much about Gold. It is said that Gold can balance energy fields, and is beneficial for opening and balancing the third eye and crown chakras, as well it can also balance the heart chakra. It can remove negative energy from the chakras and bring in the positive from the stones it is with.

Gold’s lack of toxicity and its scientific properties of incredible malleability and ability to conduct energy, while remaining resistant to wear and corrosion, make it highly useful for Medical Science. Medical uses based on science have included the treatment of Arthritis, dental fixtures, and more.

Healing uses for Gold based on the beliefs of the New Age include the treatment of blood, skin, neurological and heart disorders. They believe Gold to be an energy generator and remover of blockages with the power to strengthen, amplify and conduct energy in the body for the treatment of autism, dyslexia, epilepsy and scoliosis.

Gold has been used to enhance mental facilities, to rebuild the nervous system (ie, in the treatment of multiple sclerosis), to improve digestion, circulation, breathing and to induce warmth.

Gold can be used for the treatment of arthritis, skin cancer, blood disorders, pneumonia, vascular diseases, heart disease, eye problems, paralysis, rheumatism, skin disorders, nightmares and spinal problems.

Gold can be used to balance the right brain/left brain and to treat conditions associated with autism, dyslexia, epilepsy, and physical coordination.