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Throughout the ages, coral has always been regarded as holding the power of the oceans. Sailors often carried a piece to protect them while they were at sea.

Once thought to be a plant, coral has been called the "garden of the sea".  The ancient Egyptians placed pieces of coral in tombs as a protection against evil spirits because they believed that each piece truly contained a drop of divine blood.

According to Greek mythology, when Perseus chopped off the head of the Gorgon Medusa, some drops of blood splashed into the sea, and thereby solidified into coral.

Records dating back thousands of years confirm that coral was used in decorative art objects as well as jewelry.

Ancient legends tell us that people once believed that Mars was composed of red coral due to it's striations and colorings.

Coral symbolizes joy and happiness, it enables the wearer to enjoy life.

Astrological : Red coral specifically with Scorpio, black with Capricorn and pink with Taurus.


The different colors of coral all have their own different properties but in general coral is believed to energize ones emotion and improve general physical and mental well being.

Coral is also believed to protect its wearer from evil thoughts and negativity sent by others.

Symbolically coral represents attachment, devotion, and protection against pestilence.

Coral is said to give wisdom and to protect children. Coral was once believed to cure madness as well as to protect sea travelers from storms.


In general, coral aids regeneration of bone, muscle, and the spine, aids in blood cell disorders and is extremely beneficial to the reproductive system. Coral is said to be extremely valuable to those whose core energy has been stressed and depleted tot he extent that their body can no longer heal on its own. The specific colors all have their own properties as follows:

White coral : Spiritual balance, relaxation, protection, safe travel on water, appreciation of nature, and emotional balance.

Pink coral : Platonic Love, Friendship, community, increases sensitivity, caring and compassion.

Red and orange coral : Promotes creativity, passion, romantic or physical love, wisdom, optimism, enthusiasm, and emotional energy.

Black coral : Creativity, Repels lower energies.

Blue coral : activates and energizes the Throat Chakra.

Coral is used for illuminate the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing psychic awareness and capabilities of the user. Facilitates the improvement/permanence in pursuit of commerce, improves communication abilities, treatment of throat ailments and cleansing of mucoid system.

Someone believe coral can be used for strengthens both circulatory and bone structure in the body. Stimulates tissue regeneration and nourish blood cells. Helps with disorders of the spinal, alimentary canals, nervous system and thalamus.

Also good coral for ailments of the bones and blood such as arthritis and anemia.

Coral rough and facet stone