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Calcite is found all over the world and gets its variety of colors from it different mineral additions with more than 1,000 surface combinations.

Native Americans consider Calcite stone to be a holy stone of the land of their fathers that was bestowed upon them by the Gods.

Calcite has been used in healing and magick for thousands of years. Due to the fact it comes in such an unusual crystalline shape, it has always been looked upon as having natural spiritual qualities.

Astrological : Cancer and Capricorns


Calcite in general will amplify and increase energy, it is protecting, purifying, grounding and centering, that will assist in bringing one inner peace.

Blue - Calcite is a calming stone that brings about stability. It will stimulate trust in oneself and enhance the memory. Quite helpful in calming frayed nerves.  It also is told to be effective against laziness. Which also makes it a wonderful stone for students, as it helps retain lessons learned and amplifies learning. It will also foster enlightened discussion, and eases communication between people with opposing views.

Clear - Calcite is said to amplify images to help one see double meanings that are hidden in common communication.

White - Calcite will help to improve memory, support healing and augment the ability to astral travel when the awareness of how to do this with protection has been attained.  Thought energy is amplified to specific body areas, so it is an excellent mineral to support healing through visualization and biofeedback. Will also enhance the body/mind connection.

Green - Calcite is told to draw money towards its wearer, to increase success, prosperity, business and fertility of all kinds. It is an excellent stone for gardening and considered a stone of manifestation, as it has the ability to develop 'increases' in all areas of life. It will also enhance intuition and psychic abilities.

Yellow - Calcite will  stimulate the intellect, help one organize intellectual thoughts and information as well as boot one's general energy level.  From this it will naturally increase ones personal power and sense of self worth.

Honey - Calcite is a stone that will gently amplify energy. It also assists in the challenges associated with change in general.  It enhances psychic abilities, astral projection and higher consciousness.

Orange - Calcite will help to balance the emotions, remove fear, overcome depression as well as simply dissolving problems standing in your way of achieving your highest potential. It is particularly helpful in removing phobias, as it will help to restore mental and emotional equilibrium.

Red - Calcite is an energizing and detoxifying stone. It also has the ability to bring stability to one's will, and increases inner strength. It assists with problem solving. It can also attract love. With it's ability to ease and release fears, it calms the rushes of adrenaline caused by fear, which is particularly helpful to those who "do battle" in their every day lives.

Pink - Manganocalcite (Pink Magnesium Calcite) is sometimes called the "Reiki Stone". It has a gentle but powerful energy, and is an excellent complement to energy healing modalities such as Reiki because of its excellent properties of energy amplification.

Manganocalcite is a calming stone that eases and heals the heart chakra. It fills the heart with universal and self-love. It offers hope for the best. Manganocalcite heals inner child hurts and past abuse by filling one with a sense of motherly love. And helps us take care of ourselves. It enables us to accept love and have self-love, and act on and with loving behaviors. It is a high powered stress reliever that relieves anxiety, stress and tension. It also removes fears of all kinds and reduces nightmares.

Violet - Calcite is a very soothing and calming stone, as it will help calm overactive emotions and thoughts, as well it can also help immensely with the grieving process.

Black - Calcite is beneficial for relieving depression, heartbreak, anxiety over loss of employment, and handling unexpected changes. It helps you to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and assists with renewal and rejuvenation.

Gray - Calcite is a stone that brings calm and peacefulness. It can help one remain detached from the chaos and over-emotionality in the day to day world. It can also help lessen the impact of karmic issues.


Blue calcite will stimulate the metabolism, strengthen the immune system, stabilize the rhythm of the heart which will also lower blood pressure, and dissolution of general pain.

Clear Calcite will physically reduce tension, heal the eyes, and eyesight as well as relief from migraine headaches.

Green calcite will assist in stimulating the immune system and absorb negative energy (such as arthritis and bacterial infections); it is also quite helpful with bone adjustments, constrictions of the ligaments and of the muscles, including the heart.

White salmon or pink calcite has beneficial effects on the whole body's fluids.

Reddish-Brown calcite will assist in healing and balancing the metabolism.

Orange Calcite will aid in healing the reproductive system, it will reduce mucous, and alleviate intestinal and gallbladder disorders.

When utilized for healing, Calcite should be cleansed once a month under warm running water and charged overnight among rock crystals.

calcite rough and facet stone