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Azurite is referred to as the jewel of wisdom, Caeruleum, Lapis Linguis, Lapis Lingua or Stone of Heaven.

Azurite was given its name from the Persian word, lazward, meaning blue.

Azurite is used for many purposes, this stone was ground up and used as a dye to color clothing during the Greek and Roman era. The Mayans believed that azurite was able to connect them to higher wisdom.

Azurite has been used as a dye for paints and fabrics for thousands of years. The deep blue color can even appear black in larger crystals. Smaller crystals are generally a lighter shade of blue and can be transparent, the larger the crystal the deeper the color and the less transparent it is.

Azurite and Malachite are closely connected in many ways. They frequently appear together and also have a very similar chemical structure. Malachite can even replace, 'psuedomorph', azurite, copying the exact crystal structure except for its color.

In the Native American tradition, Azurite is considered a sacred stone and is used to connect to spirit guides, in other traditions it is a stone of high status. Edgar Cayce, who called it Lapis Linguis, recommended it for psychic development, and advised wearing it against the skin for best results.

Ancient Greeks used Azurite in healing ceremonies, calling it Caeruleum. Legend says Azurite was one of the most powerful healing stones in Atlantis, where its psychic powers became shrouded in mystery.

Astrological : Sagittarius


Azurite is used to awaken the development of the psychic self and to provide insight into all areas of life, while eliminating indecision and doubts.

When used in meditation, Azurite facilitates easier access to a state of 'no mind', and integrates the images which become available.

Azurite stone is said to provide exactly the right energy to an individual in any situation. Especially used for enhancing creativity; clearing, renewing, and raising the consciousness; aiding in understanding situations; and divining the truth of a matter. It is mean this is a wonderful stone for decisiveness and decision making. Keep this around when you have important choices to make. It is the stone for deeper insight and seeing truths.

Azurite is a great stone to assist in astral travel. This great balancer helps those who talk too much and allows for those who to be expressive when they have a tendency to hold back.

Azurite is used in meditation to release old beliefs, fears and angers. Allows psychic-emotional releases.


Azurite's high copper content stimulates the thyroid gland, and Azurite helps heal sinus problems, throat disorders, spinal alignment problems, circulatory disorders, and spasms.

Also helpful for spleen disorders. Azurite is also said to help cleanse the skin of impurities.

azurite-malachite rough and facet stone